Hotel Agua Escondida


Outdoor pool


9am to 8pm

Hotel Agua Escondida


Inside the Agua Escondida Hotel you can enjoy relaxing, reductive and reflexology massages.
Enjoy unique moments of relaxation and rest with us, we assure you that you will feel excellent.
We want to offer you a memorable experience for all your senses. Due to its pleasant atmosphere with an intimate and romantic setting, Aqua Spa is the ideal setting to pamper you, making you feel renewed.

Don't forget to ask about our “Relaxing Destinations” collection that awaits you.

Hotel Agua Escondida


The hotel offers a parking service near the hotel at a cost of $ 100. °° pesos per day.

We also have:

Hotel Agua Escondida

The hotel offers parking close to the hotel at a cost of $75.°° pesos per day.

Hotel Agua Escondida

We have washer and dryer for your personal use.

Hotel Agua Escondida

Thanks to Free Wireless Internet in all areas of the hotel, you can stay connected to the world during your stay.