Reservation policies

General Hotel Policy:


Example: Double room rate per room per night in national currency - MXN, rates include 19% tax, extra person extra fee applies for 3rd and 4th person, children are accepted sharing room in existing beds, children over 12 years pay as a person extra. Maximum occupancy 4 people per room.

It is required to be of legal age to register at the Hotel,   Pets not allowed, parking with additional cost of $ 70 pesos for every 24 hours, free WiFi in common areas, All reservations require a deposit and are subject to the policies of Modification and cancellation of each season. Cancellations and changes without cost with 48 hours of anticipation upon arrival. VISA, MCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards are accepted at the hotel.

Check In 15:00 hrs
Check out 12:00 hrs

Changes and cancellations 48 hours prior to arrival. Later applies a night penalty.


COVID 19 Policy:

We adhere to the hygiene and cleanliness measures set forth by the state health authorities, for this reason we inform you that the use of mask inside the hotel facilities is mandatory. Likewise, we are obliged to take the body temperature of our guests so if at the time of your arrival at the hotel any of the members of the reservation had a temperature greater than 37 degrees we will be forced to cancel the reservation and proceed with the refund this in order to protect all our customers and partners.